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AccessInfo, LLC evolved from years of interest in disabilities and increasing involvement in the disability community over a thirty-year timespan. Milestones included:

  • specializing in information and training with a special education library
  • speaking nationally on disabilities, especially learning disabilities, and how libraries can get better at providing timely information that can change lives
  • serving on the Illinois Autism Task Force
  • developing collaborations between disability organizations and community service organizations, especially public libraries
  • informing parents about PL 94-142 and later about it's successor, IDEA, as well as the impacts of Response To Intervention (RTI) and other trends in education
  • researching and compiling resource lists for use by people with disabilities, parents, and disability organizations and libraries
  • learning to make information accessible and useable for the greatest number of people
  • writing about disability issues and solutions for print and online magazines and newsletters